Weld-it Onsite offers excellent on-site services throughout the SOUTH COAST of the UK.


Our services include:  On site welding in Mig, Arc, Gas & Tig using the latest digital equipment. .


All of our site team is qualified in welding with  welding procedures updated regularly  to ensure all work is acceptable in today's industry, with over 30 years experience  in this trade to ensure all work is of high quality, realistically priced and provide long guarantee's of workmanship.


 Industrial. Marine. Domestic


                    Onsite Services

                   we offer are


           Structural RSJ Coded Welding

                  Onsite RSJ Alterations

       Onsite Design, Fabrication & Welding

           Maintenance Call Out/ Quick Fix

         Short or Long Contracts Welcome

                  Special Projects ( 1 off )

                    Marine / Tidal Works

         Small Item Repairs/ ( drop off only )


                            Call Now


                     M: 079 5198 1003

                     O: 023 8122 5715





Email  onsiteweld@mail.com